10 Things to know before starting the business – Fina Balthazar

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10 Things to know before starting the business – Fina Balthazar-

Hey you know like how long do you want to keep selling your shoes for it.

So you need to know that in order to determine how many stops you want to bring in.

How fina balthazar started her own business I’m gonna ask you a series of Crestron.

Some of them you will know already but some of them living like that.

But it’s very wrong number one that should you follow your passion in business?

Let’s start 10 Things to know before starting the business by Fina Balthazar

Follow The passion

yes, follow your passion because without passion you would be able to deliver.

You won’t be able to do well in your work how do you figure out that.

This is something and impassionates about however what if it’s not making money they.

For example, a lot of people want to be big but they’re do something whether they pull the plug.

you know when you’re trying to really try your best now and do everything you can.

Then I got well a mug as we need to really save yourself right.

I need to get out as early as possible and find something else.

That you can good at trying to learn something new and then try to like in campus.

I’m really passionate about factual eCommerce retail that’s what I used to do.

so when this opportunity came along parent would match the library.

I said yes I can do this I can go put on okay what how do you define the bathroom.

Actually it’s something that when you start your day you are like really excited to do.

The passion is something that despite so many challenges that come your way.

You’re still able to do it you’re still able to face your people your team despite everything.

You’re getting passionate it has to come from within and, I say to people that always believe in this.

also though passion is you will never work a single day in your diet failure when you’re doing something that you love.

However what they don’t talk about also is passion is you doing the things that are hard.

But no matter how hard it is because we love it you will really like it go on do it.

but if you’re starting to really feel in that you know I’m not engaged.

What I’m doing it’s probably you know time to think about what’s your negative with you.

It’s gonna make you happy find your passion go out there especially when you’re young Take the risk all right.

here’s what’s interesting villain getting to recognize know comment below.

If you think she’s so much wisdom the door but vinegar this will be the best video in my entire youtube channel anyways.

you must have to know skill before starting the business

Don’t Focus on Economy, Invest more in your skill

question number two if you are starting today laughing you lost everything.

You’re connected you’re in your thirties if you’re starting from scratch.

How will you do it how will you build everything up.

Right now a lot of people are thinking about what’s happening in the economy things are not going so well.

so how would you start from scratch firstly I would say go out there.

So go out there and people like-minded like you who can join you in the business and number two.

It’s time to be upon them skills you know about that there’s so much information out there on the internet.

when families are in asleep I still go on pull I read articles I read things that can actually help me.

I apply to online courses up to now help you if you downturn it into something positive.

Working Hard and Tight

question number three you said you work hard right take the word card okay.

What’s the difference between working hard and tight they’re accredited.

We’re letting her out of here maybe see huh work hard work smart .

Because it’s not just about working with money you’re like this filled with other stuff your family relationships.

you have other people that need your help so work smart efficiently as possible okay.

Meaning if you can do things better you need to get people to help you to do that.

If you need to do something yourself okay to slow and delegate to different delegate questions.

Go in the true direction of Investment

in the 10 things you must have to know about investment before starting the business.

number four if you don’t have a capita how will you start your business?

If you go guys never been you know I would look for investors who believe in your product.

you can actually you know invest you because they’re not just investing fraud number in the business.

There’s actually a third do you suggest that when they invest they still be they have a real in the company or your situation.

Feeling more you can really run it by always go invest and the business but if you feel that.

They have other services that they can offer in this helpful to your business.
like if you have a friend who’s an expert in Rishon interested okay now at this one.

Focus on Current Trends

Focusing on current trends is the 5th thing you need to know before starting the business.

this is question number five case yeah okay you’ve been in the read day and fashion industry for quite some time.

If I would start a business inline.

With that what do you think are the emerging trends for a g20.

That’s from probably emerging but please let me do well in this space for 2020 actually it’s been emerging.

For a while like the beauty industry definitely is one thing that has been steadily growing.

in the past years so the beauty industry hospitalization industry those things yes no it’s still actually very much strong.

Right now I mean anything to do with okay slimming and super-efficient number two.

I would have to say is online education people out there who are an expert in their field.

Andina immediate elegant traditional classroom setting feral 1-9 education.

Right now a lot of people are not going out, so you can expect to even grow.

the news that online even universities now are gonna offer.

The next day when you know that you have to put your business online versus starting a brick and mortar.

You must have to know these parts from 10 things to know before starting the business.

but if it’s something that you can actually sell online of service then you know.

You can do that yeah they’re not just in our these offline shops they establish one nine stores complimentarily.
can we depend on your business what’s your dream for about the serger.

Our dream for Balthazar is available to be in international friend and providing quality products without breaking the bank?

basically that it can happen you can get the good stuff out there without having to pay so much money.

All the time if you have of me I would okay I sense with a hundred million.

You can but here hahaha I don’t know if you can buy you can we reduce them by stuff.

Read Good Books of Business which will worth it.

there to a pair of amazing you have kids will you send them to college knowing.

That they would be an intrepid world or would you just want them to start their own business with the start context.

I will provide context to this some people are saying that what they teach in school is outdated.

This one number two some of the things some of the people who are also teaching there since they’re focused 3db features.

most of those things are there make also a number three school will teach you to become a gender.

This and not as a specialist I’ve graduated from the course for more than 15 years now.

I’ve never used my readings from result there is a loom and the result things like that.

But instead of trying to be a generalist reading things that you don’t need won’t it be better to try to learn specialized skills enough.

I believe is energy say businesses they come and go very education.

It’s there to stay so nobody can take that from you is something that you earn on the other side on the flip side.

I do believe that the education system now in some countries is trying to revolutionize.
the way they develop a curriculum such a way that they’re trying to teach life skills now to the students.

Because it is true a lot of the subjects now are purely academic and purely you know.

I would say it’s not very useful for the real world.

So I would say yeah education systems slowly catching on and we should still have that foundation.

It’s super important so I’m definitely gonna have my kids go to school but you know outside of these.

So this is also part of 10 things to know before starting the business.

Money Management

last questions for people who are starting out they have money.

They are paid two million pesos what he suggests 2 million down payment and buy the house 2 million put it in a business pyramid.

Do you feel that you’re gonna need to settle down soon.

Yes and you have no plans of starting a business do invest in that helps to go ahead.

But if you feel that you’re not going to need a house anytime soon say the house you really like.

You’re not going to be able to live in it yeah another option is to use that money to start a business.

That’s right it’s new research by Darrell it’s worth it is their nervousness worth it.

why would I change you kinda like have the senior which the user do you really need a break.

I’m gonna combine her okay I said that’s the questions but I thought up to her.

But the search that we choose yes but I always tell people in business.

It’s not the best that always wins it’s the best known that always wins.

What will be your tips for people that because I want to start this business how will people hear about me know about me?

You know this machine that I know the business and make sure that with your standing your pods off.

Your delicate people with your hostesses and when people hear about this then they’re gonna come to you.

Do Better Brand Awareness

so for us, it’s not only important to me so we want to be proud of the products that we have to pay.

Actually every week we put our customers and we check in on them.

Like in how to find a Prada are you happy with it the size and um so pilum for us.

Make sure that you then come later on it will calm me down and you can build on that you can build a brand awareness better.

It’s the tips for people to be successful in what they became how to be successful in business number.

One I know yourself really really well and when your research well on .

Your products and your services your competitors and have faith and found judgments and everything that you do.

Believe In your Self

don’t rush into everything think about that carefully you have an amazing support system inside and outside.

Your company whether there’s these are people that you’ll be living with working with every super import them that.

You know they give you the right inspiration and I would say anything that you get yourself in the booth no there is because no there isn’t simple.

I wouldn’t put all your savings in one pot.
I would diversify switch is possible if you can and you need to learn new things that’s me.

This is our lovely I would say love lightning and cleaned Aloha what business did you do.

Very very good answer I’ll send Big Love Lane always sounded.

But there are no shoes cuz an ego go out for Bobby gets the shoe same again today.

However, it is not only static 10 things to know before starting the business.

apart from them more things also can be there to be the focus before starting the business.
So I hope he gets a lot from this I hope that’s her insights something that will help you.

So I hope this video helps you breathe in oil trees from a smart see all again soon bye everyone.

If there’s anything that I will put in terms of priority will always be my mind.

I say in iguana no paladin so so Wi-Fi so if it wasn’t for her and probably doing other things

So above are the 10 things that you need to know before starting the business.

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