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Fastest Way To Become a PHP Developer

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Today we’re talking about the fastest way you can become a PHP developer and fulfill your goals in life.

I said that right a PHP tutorial alone is not going to help you become a developer.

You’re just consuming the mess out of it learning any and everything about PHP.

Which is great by the way I’m glad you’re doing that, But don’t do it too much.

Guys you only want to get the fundamentals and the best way to become a PHP developer.

Guys this is the best way and when you officially become a PHP developer.

Guidance of Php Developer

People are going to pay you to solve problems using PHP that’s when you are an official PHP developer.

Before then you’re just a coder that’s learning PHP guys.

I want to explain how to get to this point.

So that you can start receiving money as a PHP developer but before we get started.

So guys a lot of us are afraid of being a PHP developer and we subconsciously.

Just continue to learn how to code with PHP in the tutorials the reason.

We do this is we get this false sense of confidence false sense of we’re doing something.

So we just continue to just plug away at the tutorials it’s not until you go beyond that you start.

Getting feedback from external sources to let them know it are you doing good.

Priority of Php Developer

are you doing bad you know outside of course or a quiz obviously.

But we’re talking about that’s gonna be paying you money and really gonna start your career.

Guys and a lot of us are free today and it’s okay all of us experience

that fear you know especially at the beginning and you’re doing this for the first time.

You don’t know where it’s gonna go you can’t get no good at Vice guys

it’s really gonna be important that you first of all understand.

how long you need to do tutorials which I can’t explain to you.

Learn once you know the fundamentals you know the language you don’t even have to know everything guys.

Just enough to stop your oh sorry about that guys just enough to know how to solve your current problem.

I need to take this I don’t know who this is but I’ll just I’ll just call them back.

But yeah I’m not cutting anything we’re gonna keep this in here guys but like.

Understanding as a Php Developer

I was telling you guys before it’s so important and that you understand when to not continue tutorials.

It’s so important that don’t get caught up in that rabbit hole.

So let’s start doing projects as fast as possible.

Let’s start doing projects that’s related to the industry that you want to work in.

I’m pretty sure you guys have already went on job recruiting websites

If you haven’t already you need to but going job recruiting websites in your local area that you want to work for.

Find PHP developer jobs if you can’t find PHP specific developer jobs start with web developer jobs.

Or software developer jobs anything closely related to PHP is possible.

On that lambda stack guys this is gonna help you guys really take your PHP skills to the next level.

Know what skills to learn what are they want in a tech stack .

all this stuff is important to become a PHP developer.

I know I’m throwing a lot of stuff at you guys but this is gonna be required.

Differentiate of Php Developer

The bar to be a PHP developer is raised they have options now this is not the early 2000.

Late 90s where they was solely depending on local developers to develop their software for different companies.

Now they got access to developers remotely overseas just all over the place.

So, you have to be on your game and best way to do this is to find what people want locally.

So that’s number one number two they start writing our solving problems with

PHP for these specific companies you want to apply for this gonna do two things for you.

This is gonna put things in perspective that you need to learn.

this is gonna also help you build your resume.

It’s gonna be focused to those specific companies I know of some work.

it’s okay but it’s not put you on the high destinations options.

when it comes to who they’re gonna pick to come in for the interview.

You have a custom resume based off of what they need and you have projects to back that up.

Guess who’s gonna be number one party or no more on prospect on that interview.

You so that’s the way it’s gonna pay off to be able to do this guys.

You don’t have to do it for all of them and they share top three I would say your top five.

That’s gonna help you guys really stand out during the interview process.

Moreover, with to increase your chances to become a PHP developer faster.

Guys number two all your work will be in vain if you don’t present yourself.

Job of PHP Developer

Right as a PHP a valuable PHP developer in their job interview lot of you guys has been down.

This tutorial rat hole forever you haven’t applied for any jobs and you finally get the courage to apply for a job.

With a halfway decent resume and then you wonder why you can’t get a interview.

Because the resumes crap guys it does is not focus is not dealing with the industry.

Just shows a lot of laps you look like a college student even if you got experience.

You can still have this problem because it’s not focused they got out 200 resumes 100 resumes.

All of them dealing with general development nothing dealing with industry specific stuff.

Guys you want a focus resume that’s dealing with PHP that’s dealing with their industry solving projects.

Your resume should be communicating that you can do all of this programming work for months.

They can’t get an interview because you don’t communicate your value effectively on this resume.

I applied for jobs thinking that I was gonna get it you know they come here.

They want me they gonna bow down to me because I’m the best developer in the world.

I couldn’t even get a job because my resume was crap and people who had far less experience than me was a lot less qualified.

To end up getting the job so that’s not what you would guys that’s not what you want.

Solutions of PHP problem

God you’re going to lose so so that you save all that work and really leverage that work.

and don’t waste it you’ve got to make sure you communicate that effectively guys

and we could we discuss that in my seventh step guys.

last but not least guys have a set of PHP problems to solve that specifically for that client of that business.

This applies for everybody guys it’s so vital because we got so many people out here.

Just trying to little generally learn how to code they’re applying for resumes applying for jobs.

they really not qualify but what they’re doing is getting in the way of the valid top-flight developers.

But the problem is is the valid developers are not their resumes are not standing out.

Obviously there’s multiple ways to get attention I talked about this in later videos.

If you don’t stand out from all the rest of the garbage out there you can have all them.

You can be the best PHP developer in the world and it can go to waste.

Nobody cares because you didn’t present your skills in a way that can help life easier for other people’s clients.

Really stand out guys so that being said guys I made a list of stuff here.

I’m looking down and make sure I covered everything.

So first of all guys you do not get paid to write code.

You get paid to solve problems that are number one.

So I always present your problems in a way so that you can become a PHP developer.

Number two don’t waste all your work in vain let’s get that interview get that resume communicating your value.

Your projects how you can solve specific problems for them and get started.

Problem Solving as a PHP Developer

Number three is guys problem-solving problem-solving problems I think it’s so important to problem solve.

If you don’t problem solve you’re not going to get that job that’s how important problem solving.

Guys so let’s go ahead and do that guy do you agree with my comment below to let me know if you disagree with my comment.

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