Government Job Interview Fresherworld

Government Job Interview Fresherworld

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Types of Questions in Government Job Interview by Fresherworld

So the type of Government Job Interview by fresherworld says :

Interviews that the federal government uses they’re called PBI.

Interviews or performance-based interviews basically instead of a simple tell me about your experience with a certain application.

A certain program a certain skill what they do is they ask you this open-ended paragraph.

You know word problem style questions where it might be telling me about a time.

Where you had a difficult customer what was the situation what did you do and what was the outcome.

Scenario-based Questions in Government Job Interview by Fresherworld

So it’s gonna be a multiple part scenario-based question.

The scenario should be relevant to the job itself and so a lot of people are caught off guard by these types of questions.

Because they just they’re overwhelming to those that haven’t experienced them yet.

So what you want to do is make sure that you at least hear the entire question.

So that you can answer the question as a whole now on top of having the questions be a little intimidating.

You’re also going to be in a panel interview and so that means there’s going to be multiple interviewers.

So the interviewers are gonna take turns most of the time asking the questions they’re gonna write notes as you’re speaking.

So that can be a little distracting but you know just try not to pay attention to that.

It’s neither good nor bad they’re just basically having to write out your response to that question.

Answering the questions in the Interview.

So that it can be verified later and then on top of that there will be a lot of silence.

While they’re continuing to write after you’re finished talking before the next question happens.

So you know don’t let those throw you off they’re just ways of documenting what was provided by you as far as that goes.

However, answering the question it’s very important that you answer.

All parts of the question the way which I’ve done interviews there have been on panels.

Many times and even before that the way a lot of interviewers explain the way that they score a question is that if you answer all parts of the question.

You get a three out of five so it’s on a one to five scales or even a zero.

Rating based Questions in Government Job Interview by Fresherworld

but if you don’t answer it at all but generally a one to five.

So if you answer all parts of the question that’s the very basic.

Minimum you get a three out of five then what you want to do is make your question relevant to the job.

That you’re interviewing for the more relevant that you can make it the better your scoring is going to be.

So answering all parts of the question and then also making the answer relevant to the job.

In our scenario that we talked about telling us time about you had a difficult customer.

What was the situation and what was the outcome and so you might answer this one.

You can say while I was working in this particular job retail.

I had a customer come to try to return a broken product without a receipt.

Our store policy is to not accept items without receipts but I inspected the product.

It is clearly malfunctioning or broken and so I just used my own best judgment.

Moreover, return the item for store credit instead of cashback because the customer was happy and we make repeat customers ever.

Since you know that’s how you would answer a question like that.

Only you know depending on the job it would be a little different.

So we talked about scoring a little bit but basically the way to get the highest score to get a 5 .

When I’m interviewing applicants I don’t give out a lot of fives other people do everyone’s different.

That’s why you have the multiple panel members so that they give you an average of the three scores.

However, just hitting all answering all parts of the question is as a basic 3 anything less than that would be a lower score.

Making the answer relevant to the job that’s going to be an additional point .

It is what you can do is summarize your entire response at the end.

Live Example-Based Questions in Government Job Interview by Fresherworld

So that you know you’re telling your story and then you summarize the story.

In the end that’s the following, this method is the only time that I ever give 5 on a question.

So you know back to our scenario you know we had a difficult customer in retail they tried to return the broken product store policy was not to do it.

I reviewed it use my best judgment did it anyway and then at the end again you say so you know the customer was attempting to return the product it’s against policy I use judgment did it anyway and the customer left happy and hasn’t been a repeat customer Burs-on you know just summarize it.

You know you’re gonna have a much longer in-depth story and then just you know to provide that summary.

In the end, so hopefully, this helped so that when you make it to the interview process .

You’re not caught off guard by the types of questions not saying that there will never be experience-based questions but most of them are going to be these scenarios that may or may not seem like they’re even relevant to the position, to begin with, but you’ll just need to answer them the best you can.

Timing and summary.

It’s perfectly fine to take time to think of the scenario that you’re going to respond.

I’ve even had applicants write down the question that’s not necessary unless it just helps you to make sure you answer it completely and if you miss part of the question it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the panel to repeat the question and it doesn’t count against you at all.

So what will happen is after all the interviews are done and everybody scores.

Her average generally the highest score wins unless there’s just some outstanding experience that somebody had.

That maybe they didn’t score the highest but they still threw the panel’s eyes would be the best fit for the job.

That’s the only time and they have to write a pretty decent justification to state why they’re not picking the highest score.

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