How to become a Forbes Contributer

How to become a Forbes contributor in 3 easy steps.

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How to become a Forbes contributor in 3 easy step.

Here I will tell you about one person that how to become a forbes contributor they have.

Actually the person name is AI Perez and before 1 or 2 years ago he is the contributor of Forbes.

We have seen that there are a lot of people are really trying to get in to the forbes, as a writer and contributor.

But unfortunetely they rejected every time and not getting success to become a forbes contributor.

So let’s start how to become a forbes contributor in 3 easy step with someone’s story.

hi my name is AI Perez and I’m an aerospace engineer and for the past couple of years I’ve been building a seven-figure consultancy business.

that got me on the pages of Forbes and many of you have been asking how I actually did that.

So I’m gonna go and explain you all the process that how to become a forbes contributor.

Now I’m not a Forbes contributor anymore but I was once, 

So in this theinfohubs article we’re gonna start by 3 step

1. Why and how to become a Forbes contributor

2. What other prerequisites and how to become a Forbes contributor 

3. Top insider tips about how to become a Forbes contributor

Now do you remember that this process is the same for many other magazines out there from Venture Beat entrepreneur ENCOM.

All of them they follow different steps but the strategy to get in is the same.

Also, remember that once you have a foot inside one of these great magazines.

Then getting into other magazines is easy why because you need a lower activation energy.

Because imagine for a second the life of an editor is inundated flooded by emails.

They are constantly bombarded by things to do they need a right in some cases their own articles.

They need a supervise that the articles that have been written by Forbes contributors are good enough.

So what happens is that whatever you do to make their life easier they’re going to think it’s a godsend.

However, that’s what happens if you already have a step inside of Forbes.

For example and you go to Inc calm their editor they’re going to think.

You know what this guy actually has gone through Forbes is writing for them.

So he’s gone through a very selective process that tells me that.

He is a reliable source of quality information quality articles for how to become a Forbes contributor.

I can count on it so that’s why it’s super important to get your step inside of Forbes.

Then go into all of them so the first thing that we’re going to focus on is how to become a Forbes contributor.

So first of all let’s address what a contributor is a contributor is an unpaid position.

The Forbes it is a position where they don’t pay you.

But you keep on writing at least one article a week now it is opposed to Forbes staff or full-time employees do get paid by Forbes – right.

The Forbes staff are the people that you need to convince in order to get into Forbes.

So if it is unpaid why bother going into all of this hassle becoming a contributor.

Well for one Forbes has a very high domain authority in the 90s and above.

What that means is that Google ranks very highly

Any article that comes through that site and what it means is that your target audience is typing.

At this moment questions related to your niche that you rank very high by having an article on

So it is a source of free quality traffic for your business and your personal brand and with passive income.

Because it brings you traffic towards your business & your personal brand.

I have actually written an article that in weeks got mentioned by more than 25,000 people.

I do not have a single day after leaving Forbes without people coming to me and saying thank you.

That’s the reason about me that how to become a forbes contributor.

Therefore the articles that I put out there so it is very important because you also get to connect with people.

That you if not would have no chance of connecting just because they’re on the other side of the planet.

They’re typing something on Google and you’re ranking very high for it.

It is a great way to build your authority and your personal brand because nothing else screams more expert than writing for fourth.

Because it is a very selective process as you’re about to see and it’s also a great network to be part of.

Because you’re connected with over a thousand 500 contributors.

I think it is that are all experts in their own domains so it’s a very good network to be part of.

So let’s look into what you need to in order to become a Forbes contributor.

the first thing that you need to do is to have a love for writing because you’re gonna get unpaid for it.

So it’s not gonna be something that you’re gonna monetize it initially.

It’s going to be for the long run you really need to love writing and be able to express your ideas clearly and concisely.

Then you need to have past experience in magazines or blogs.

Remember that the important thing per Forbes is the quality of the content not the quantity.

They’ll give you on the first day of becoming a Forbes contributor is a 46 page Forbes contributor style guide.

Which will really help you with your style and how to become a Forbes contributor.

So style is very important for them and maintaining quality standards is super important to become a Forbes contributor.

So in those three articles that you need to give you need to show great Dominion of the English language.

Another thing that you need to be is an expert in your domain and your domain and niche to become a Forbes contributor.

a niche means Share something that is small enough and reduced enough that speaks very well to a very specific type of person.

If you want to know more about niches I can actually create a video for you so leave it in the comments below.

Apart from how to become a forbes contributor.

Very important is the next thing which is having a mission and a concept for your writing as we’re going to see in many examples.

Every single Forbes contributor has some sort of mission or concept for their writing they write for a reason.

My reason was because I had been cheated and disappointed so many times during my development tiers of the business that I didn’t want a single other coaching person or coach to have the same problems as me.

So what I decided to do was start to write about it you must be able to write one article per week minimum.

You’re supposed to know how to write edit proofread and publish everything that you write as a contributor without using your editor as a backup help or anything.

Let’s look into my tips in for how to become a Forbes contributor

I would suggest that you have at these three killer blog articles or magazine articles.

That you have written and that you are very happy with the quality of them.

I would suggest that you go through Forbes and read a ton of articles from Forbes.

to see what is the writing style that they’re looking for.

Because you’re not going to have access to the style guide.

Unfortunately, I cannot because of the contract share that style guide with you.

If you have problems getting into different blogs or magazines.

Moreover, you want someone to proofread or just to see whether it is quality and nuts or Forbes.

You can leave a comment below and I’ll read yours gladly.

Another thing that I will recommend is to write your mission in under 100 words.

Because that’s an exercise that they’re going to give you in the interview itself.

It is to say what is your mission as a Forbes contributor now you need to have an emotional link to your mission.

That mission needs to be useful enough to the community and to Forbes so look into what Forbes is stands for.

The history of Forbes everything that you can put your hands on if you have a large Facebook page then showcase it as well.

Anything that shows that you can build an audience by yourself with your means without using Forbes is going to be very valuable to force.

Because they’re going to be able to know that you can actually share your articles to a large audience.

all by yourself that your articles are going to bring traffic.

That means more revenue for Forbes through ads and don’t worry if you don’t have these assets online.

But at least if you do have them use them because it is very useful.

Now one of the best ways of getting an introduction to an editor which is going to make the decision.

Whether you get into Forbes or not is by contacting another Forbes contributor in your same discipline.

Top insider tips about how to become a Forbes contributor

The way you do this is by genuinely showing that you care about the work of that contributor.

So go online search for a Forbes contributor that is in your discipline read a couple of articles from them.

And have a conversation with them through LinkedIn.

Now one of the ways that you can do this is by clicking to send a new message or an InMail.

If you have premium on LinkedIn or if you don’t then you can always send a new request.

Type in there your text now and send a message which is very simple like you’re a very big fan.

That you have read their articles and that they are very important for you and you’d like to discuss them with them once.

You’re already talking to the Forbes contributor to create a genuine connection with these people.

To solve your query and question of how to become a Forbes contributor.

Because there are people at the end of the day and people by a law of nature want to help you. 

everyone wants to help someone once they have the opportunity.

So once they understand that you are a person that doesn’t just grab things just for the sake of it.

But you actually contribute to them and you’re genuinely interested.

You can actually go ahead and ask them how they became a Forbes contributor.

Also, it’s always been your dream to write for a magazine like that.

Also share with them your mission and your concept for Forbes tell them that you’ve researched this.

That you’ve watched this video probably that you’re very keen and getting into Forbes.

So this is what about how to become a Forbes contributor

Also ask them for an introduction with an editor it’s mostly going to be through email.

But the editors receive hundreds of emails every single day.

So what you need to do is to get yourself out of that email communication with the editor because it’s your chance to stand out from the rest.

Everyone is you’re going to continue to push them through their emails to nag them.

Moreover, bother them but you’re gonna be different what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna schedule a call with them.

It’s gonna be a ten to fifteen minute call and it’s gonna be very direct to the point it’s gonna tell them what’s your mission.

What’s your name what you want to do and why Forbes for you with those four questions you’re gonna leave.

You’re gonna say that you want to become a Forbes contributor that is going to impress them a lot.

Once you have that probably what’s going to happen is that.

They’re going to want to send you more information and that’s about it.

So this is you know what about how to become a Forbes contributor and what you can do to become a Forbes contributor.

A lot of people having the same questions that how to become a Forbes contributor.

That’s the reason behind this article to motivate me to write here.

So if you have any sort of questions about what is it like to be a Forbes contributor.

Then please leave me a comment below and I’ll reply very soon.

If you found this content useful and this information was insightful for you then subscribe to this Blog.

I hope how to become a Forbes contributor question is solved by everyone.

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