Jaisalmer trip and tour to Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer trip and tour to Jaisalmer

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Jaisalmer trip and tour to jaisalmer : Explore the Rajashthan

So guys let’s look at this Jaisalmer tour in which we will explore the various places.

With our Jaisalmer trip which will help you for tourists.

We have checked in into the hotel, hotel is very nice It feels like King.

Now we are relaxing for a bit and then we will explore the city While doing check-in.

they have shared the map which has all the places to visit in Jaisalmer

So we are going to explore everything : Jaisalmer tour and Jaisalmer trip

This city is almost 900 years old There are not many places as this is a small city.

So we will try to cover everything Let’s go to Jaisalmer trip and tour to Jaisalmer

Today we are going to explore city and the top places of Jaisalmer Jaisalmer also known as golden city.

This is the main fort which we can see from hotel’s rooftop We are doing breakfast right now.

then we will visit there, there are so many shopping places also There are many small places inside the fort.

Jaisalmer trip and tour to Jaisalmer Shopping

so we will explore everything We have hired the guide and will follow him .

So we can get all the necessary information of Jaisalmer tour and Jaisalmer trip.

Also about the history of Jaisalmer like what is Jaisalmer?

Jaisal is the name of Jaisalmer’s King and we say King as Rawal .

There is a sand mountain which is named as meru parvat .

So King’s name is Jaisal and mountain name is Meru.

Meru Parvat : Jaisalmer trip and tour to Jaisalmer
Meru Parvat : Jaisalmer trip and tour to Jaisalmer

So it becomes Jaisalmer Here they do not use cement or water to make walls.

They connected one stone to another This is the speciality of Jaisalmer

There is no metal, cement, and water in the walls Because there is a shortage of water, and a single drop of water counts as gold.

If you came 40 years back and wants to wash hands then people give you Ghee not water.

You can see so many animals in this carving, i.e. duck, frog, elephant, tiger, pig, crocodile In the end.

his is used for water system in the temple where water comes out.

The King’s height is normally 7 Feet but still why the height of doors is small? There are two reasons for that If anyone wants to meet King.

Jaisalmer tour and Jaisalmer trip is for everyone and just enjoy as you can grab.

so automatically that guy has to bend to come inside We just came out from Baa ri haveli.

It is very good The building has 5 floors and the view from the top floor is awesome.

We can see the full Jaisalmer from there Now we are going towards cannon view.

All the wall has a wooden ceiling in Jaisalmer.

Because the temperature in Jaisalmer is around 47-55 degree in summer Right now we are King’s palace.

it is nice The carvings are also unique This is stable for horses where they can rest.
Let’s go to the armory Now we are going towards Dewan Khana and see what is this Maybe they have separate and confidential meetings.

Dewan means Minister and they have all meetings here Also, King oath will be taken here on this chair.

This is the umbrella provided by Krishna god which is transferring from generations which love by Jaisalmer tour and Jaisalmer trip visitor.

So all the Kings said as Chatrapati Raja Umbrella is covered with 65 leaves and each leave has 15 gram of Gold.

If we see about population and gold, then whole Jaisalmer has more gold than India.

Golden Jaisalmer Trip & Jaisalmer Tour
Golden Jaisalmer Trip & Jaisalmer Tour

All the Kings pictures here with years are imaginary pictures.

They think maybe King looks like this This is the chart of Krishna descent.

Which shows all the information in a tree So huge King approx 7-8Feet Why the beds are small?

We always think King sleeps well They always have a feeling that someone will kill them.

The height of the bed is less because if someone wants to sleep inside bed than he can not tie King’s hands and legs.

then he can still stand with the bed and save himself.

This is the gossip place for queens and an entertainment zone.

We covered King’s palace and now going towards Queen’s palace Ghanghor is a form of Parvati.

There is an event after holi for 15 days.

We take her to the Gadsar lake and pray her and then bring her back here Roop mahal maybe means room for beauty parlor.

This is a room for Roopmati queen So all the rooms are here for Queens.

Some king has 10 queens some have 17 Now 1 king has 1 queen and 100 problems.

Jaisalmer tour and Jaisalmer trip is love for everyone including USA and Canadian people.

You can go anywhere in the fort you will be redirected at this point.

The roads are built in a way that they will bring you at 1 point.

This area is Rajput and population is 30% and the rest are Brahmin and the population is 70%.

There is four cannon point across the fort Now our tour is finished where we have seen King’s and Queen’s palace.

We came here for lunch and the sitting arrangement is something like this.

I am feeling very good I found out so many new things in the palace for me.

as I am exploring it for the first time So I got to know some history .

Now we are sitting here and already ordered food The view is very nice from here.

as you can see almost whole Golden City We just reached Gadsar lake but we are a few minutes late for the sunset.

Although we have taken a few pics for the moment But not much.

Architecture Jaisalmer Trip & Jaisalmer Tour
Architecture Jaisalmer Trip & Jaisalmer Tour

We came here to try street food We tried burger, dabli, Pao bhaji, noodles, and special faluda .

This place is a hanuman chowk Today’s day is very good we went to .

So many places in Jaisalmer Fort There are so many shopping places.

There are so many stalls where you can buy famous things of Jaisalmer Fridge magnet, dresses, etc

There is a Jain temple There is one Hindu temple i.e. Lakshmi Narayan temple There is one Baa ri haveli and a Palace It is a completely different experience.

So if you come here then do visit the palace and you will love it

So this is all about the Jaisalmer tour and Jaisalmer trip and i hope you really enjoy this article.

Jaisalmer tour and Jaisalmer trip is many people’s dream and I suggest you complete your dream.

For more information about Jaisalmer tour and Jaisalmer trip connect with us, you can find you some more articles of the same here.

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