Mutual Fund Vs ETF - Stock Market Informations

Mutual Fund Vs ETF – Stock Market Informations

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Mutual Fund Vs ETF-When questions are there about stock market.

Every people think about shares with future, index, intraday and delivery.

when we comes to know about financial things then we think about equity and mutual fund.

they are not knowing more in that directions apart from this above.

Many individuals want to know about Mutual Fund Vs ETF.

Actually ETF is nothing but a exchange traded fund.

Which is collections of security traded funds and actually it is traded on the exchange.

the exchange-traded fund is bought and sold this is different from mutual funds.

That trade only once a day after the market closes.

ETFs can actually hold all types of investments, including stocks, commodities and bonds.

This is the reason to choose and know Mutual Fund Vs ETF.

ETFs offer lower expense ratios and some broker commissions, then buy shares individually. What are the benefits of PDF?

Capital mutual funds charge an expense ratio of one to two percent per year.

While the expense ratio charged by ETFs is very small, making a very good profit,

The latter can be bought and sold through the fund.

Exchange Mutuals that you can buy from asset management companies and want to sell.

You only have to exchange through them. Mutual Fund Vs ETF

While exchange-traded funds can be sold at any time in the market when buying from the issuer or the market.

Third-party stock minus mutual fund transaction searches, like securities, have higher transaction fees.

For example, a publicly-traded fund called a liquid base so that you buy something that has no transaction tax protection.

There is no stamp duty, exchange transaction fees are also zero.

Many brokers do not even charge broker as they encourage investment in ET. Don’t want B liquid’s F.

Mutual Fund Vs ETF matters a lot here.

While mutual funds pay higher when they invest when they buy shares.

Stamp duty brokerage service tax can be reserved for intraday profits

If you have a mutual fund at the end of the day.

Funds, they will declare the value of the net asset at the price that only you can buy or sell.

So you cannot catch the fluctuations in intraday price.

But ETFs are sold just like any other stock in the stock market.

Which you can buy anytime, even if you can do it on the last day, but not least for traders, less than the ETF.

Cuteness is considered low risk. A mutual fund Vs ETF consists of an ETF, called Indenius B.

You all know the simple future, you all know the future of State Bank. State Bank’s future means that you are buying shares in the futures market.

You all know that State Bank Bank means that you are buying it in the cash market.

So you trade the same Nifty future in the futures market

Do, but can the nifty buy to know why the nifty is just a number?

The number is you cannot buy Nifty, but there is an exchange-traded exchange fund called Nifty B.

So if you buy it, Nifty-generated writing for ETFs that generate the same returns for you is just as good.

If you buy mutual funds, then you prefer to buy normally.

this questions asked by several time on community of Mutual Fund Vs ETF.

If you want, you will get ten to twenty percent haircuts.

Give mutual funds as collateral for trading and futures options.

Whereas if you give a nifty piece as collateral then your haircut is only five per cent.

So there is a large group of people who are always into these types of products. We invest, but after investing, we want to give as a guarantee for the exchange.

We can use futures and options to earn some money. Want to cross, so for me, exchange-traded funds are better than Mutual Fund Vs ETF.

That’s because I only have one haircut for the ETF at 5%, while for a haircut of 10-20% I would find that NSE.

But what are exchange-traded funds?

I will show you that I am going to the m / s India website. I am comfortable with the previous version. Yes, you go to the live market. You can watch the exchange. –

So there are a lot of exchange-traded funds, a total of 57 plus 17, about 74 are exchange-traded funds.

Although there are 74 funds the most popular are two publicly traded funds rather than Mutual Fund Vs ETF.

One is simple B and the other is liquid, so what is the difference.

We will discuss in our next video what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Now there are many They ask a question and send a lot of messages to me, Sir, what about the Gold Bond Scheme?

Can I give gold bonds as collateral for trading, so the answer is yes.

Can you give next time until I have to show you where you can give it? Any special security or bonds,

Whether you can give as collateral or not. – Mutual Fund Vs ETF

If you go to equity derivative products and look at the current market report and click see daily report here,

You can get a haircut for values Can see it is accepted so click this excel file.

So that I open it so these are the values ​​that can give us a guarantee that nowhere.

We are going to see any exchange-traded fund in the gold bond market. Life market sovereign, well, maybe it’s oh it’s gold.

there are a lot of persons wants to about Mutual Fund Vs ETF.

It’s its symbol, what do I control it, which means I’m copying.

Mutual Fund Vs ETF : An Overview of Market

Then I’m opening an Excel file and here I see F.

And then I control VI, type the symbol and you can see that it’s a gold bonus and it’s a number,

The current value is 4613, it’s a haircut.

So they said that 10% is a habit, So one I would like to tell you whose bond it is.

Gold can be given as a guarantee for trading because today the prices of gold are going up.

The second is that if you want to know any script.

if you want to guarantee As permitted, you can go here and check.

So I hope this video is useful for you and thanks for watching.

So this is all about Mutual Fund Vs ETF, that you wants to know.

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