Top 5 Quotes of Buddha for 2020 - Buddha Quote

Top 5 Quotes of Buddha for 2020 – Buddha Quote

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Here is the Top 5 Quotes of Buddha for 2020 – Buddha Quote

Buddha Quote 1: How to Respond to the hatter’s people

So this is basically about the hatred of people.

It is one three fires of greed hatred and delusion that we’re trying to overcome with the Buddhist way.

Most people try to appease hatred is through hatred that is somebody does something hateful.

We try to respond or we tend to respond with hatred ourselves this is a perfectly normal.

Natural way of responding it’s the way I respond in anytime.

But it’s not skillful and that’s what the Buddha is saying that this just doesn’t work.

We have to respond to hatred through non hatred through compassion through caring through loving kindness.

If we can’t manage any of those to respond with equanimity without trying to make things worse.

Buddha Quote 2: Satisfactions and Ambitions

So the second Buddha quote is about the mountain is made of gold made entirely.

This would suffice for one having known this go peacefully greed and ambition are not ultimately satisfiable.

Even if we wanted a mountain of gold even if we wanted an entire mountain.

It just of solid gold getting it would not satisfy us.

Even if we had two of them it wouldn’t satisfy us.

So insofar as we’re thinking that we’re going to appease our sense of greed & desire for things and insofar.

As we think we’re gonna appease our ambition by getting what we think we want we’re wrong.

Because even if we got what we wanted we would still have that ambition is something.

That’s rooted much deeper then the getting of things will overcome okay.

Buddha Quote 3 : Pleasure Themselves

So the third quote ends is from a very famous suta.

It is impossible that one engages in central pleasures without sensual desires.

Without perceptions of sensual desire without thoughts of sensual desire.

So here the Buddha is basically responding to one of his monastics who believed in central pleasures in the activity.

Without it sort of hindering his normal progress along with the path and in particular.

His monastic practice and what the Buddha is saying here is that central pleasures insofar.

As we indulge in them always have their downside they always promote a kind of clinging and attachment.

So if we indulge our sensual pleasures for good food, drink, and party, places we get attached to them.

That’s just a normal feature of life and there’s no way of overcoming that through the indulgent.

Element and pleasures themselves or indulgence and pleasures themselves.

I should say so if we indulge in pleasures we’re going to tend to get attached to them.

That’s part of what we realize through practice.

So what we have to find through practice is way of dealing with central pleasures.

Buddha Quote 4 : Arguments and Disputes

So the fourth Buddha quote and this is from the same suta is the last one the Dhamma.

It is similar to a raft being for the purpose of crossing over not for the purpose of grasping.

So just as we can grasp at central pleasures like we saw with the last quote.

Here we’re talking about grasping for something.

It something different it’s a different kind of pleasure if you like it’s a kind of mental pleasure.

It’s a kind of pleasure of good thoughts of good ideas.

The people, as a result, of finding them pleasurable tend to grasp at them.

And that’s why we have given Top 5 Quotes of Buddha for 2020 – Buddha Quote

If we grasp at them we tend we that basically means.

We are identifying with I mean part of grasping is identifying ourselves.

With seeing ourselves in them, we see ourselves sort of reflected in Dharma and it is reflected in us.

So what happens then if we grasp at these things rather than using we become identified with them.

We we take it personally if they’re attacked or if somebody disagrees with us.

If we have to convince somebody and at the place where this occurs in the site.

It is basically where the Buddha is talking about arguments and disputes.

That we get in to arguments and disputes with other people.

That’s because we’re grasping to Dharma and we sort of identify with it somebody comes up and disagrees with us.

We feel hurt we feel personally offended by them and as a result.

However, get into arguments and disputes and arguments and disputes.

So We are promoted by hatred and anger with other people we tend to think of people as our enemies.

When we’re in an argument or a dispute and with the what the Buddha is saying.

Here we use we should use the Dharma circular.

The way we should use it as a practice and we, of course, we’re going to cling way.

We cling to a raft while we’re in the river but we should be aware that as we reach the goal of our practice.

That part of the practice is going to be actually letting go of this stuff not to say that think.

It’s false not to say that we think it’s useless of course it’s very useful it’s a good raft.

But if once we’ve reached the shore of practice the farther Shore then we can set it aside we don’t need to identify with it.

Buddha Quote 5 : Hatred is a Kind of Position

The fifth simile and here we’re getting back once again to issues of compassion and kindness very shocking simile.

Even if low down bandits were to sever you limb from limb with a two-handled.

Saw anyone who had a malevolent thought on that account would not be following my instructions and here is an example of a quote.

Which is extremely profound and pithy and shocking.

It’s not the sort of quote you’re really going to find on a poster in somebody’s dorm room but the point of it is really quite emphatic.

I think far-reaching the point is that that we tend to.

I should also say that in the context of this quote the Buddhist is talking to some monastics of his.

Something having to do with the Dharma although it doesn’t really matter and so they go but it discussed this.

Buddha basically says you know look people maybe rate you for certain things they may be the rate you for you know for being a monastic.

A certain kind of community that doesn’t like monastics but it’s just words.

Even if somebody were really to do something very bad to you.

You still shouldn’t have a mind of hatred because hatred itself is a kind of poison.

Just get in touch with us for more quotes and inspiration and you can follow this too.

So above is the Top 5 Quotes of Buddha for 2020 – Buddha Quote which will inspire us in every situation.

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