Why I have quit the consulting

Why I Quit Consulting

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Why I Quit Consulting a story of some person.

hi guys okay I am just jumping on really quickly to let you know

It’s feel like some people might come here and know Why I Quit Consulting

I think I’m talking about huniepop which I am NOT I titled this blog.

Moreover, put my business and it is not about any pop it’s about another business venture that I’ve mentioned before.

 I went into a little bit more in detail today about a business venture that I ended up .

not going through with for just personal reasons that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

Moreover, I just wanted to clear the air about huniepop because I still get questions.

I’ve addressed it in like multiple videos.

Why I have quit the consulting: Obvious reasons

where I just want everyone to know at the beginning of this video,

that honey pop is no longer a running business.

it hasn’t been for quite some time we all kind of felt like

we had just outgrown it and it was time to move on.

so that’s what we did there’s literally no drama and all I promise you like.

the team I’m not kidding was the most incredible team ever.

 I just showered like 20 minutes ago bye I have some exciting and now it’s a little updates and things.

l I did get myself an iPad pro but that I decided you know what it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

 so I ended up returning it and waited for a time that I felt was a little bit more appropriate.

 so I ended up getting one for myself no this is my background screen but I got this.

 because it’s gonna be super useful for work things and podcast things and just like schedules and stuff.

but especially because now that I’m starting my own merch and making my own designs.

Why I have quit the consulting: Simiar Activity

I wanted to be able to draw my own designs on PDF files and procreate and things like that.

 and then send them in to actually be put on like sweatshirts and whatever I just thought it’d be cool.

That it was like actually from me if they end up good,

but I want to practice I also want to learn calligraphy.

I just got a membership to master class from my and so I’m gonna take calligraphy classes yesterday.

I started knitting but yes another exciting announcement,

if you come with me look at what arrived.that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

we have the washer going right now the

Washer and dryer have officially arrived that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

 this is like besides the plane but nine months is obviously the time that it takes to form a child.

 if you’re pregnant and these nine months flew by for us so I can’t even imagine.

 what it’s like when you’re pregnant you know how everyone’s like it flew by like.

 now I truly know it flies by like that how do you prep for a child

that quickly I don’t know anyways.

 I hope good to have coffee today but I have ample energy

but that is not sure that’s a good remy merch line.

 let me show you all the laundry I’m gonna be doing laundry straight for like the next three days luckily.

 though I did get a very nice energy-efficient one so for one thing it’s really inexpensive for me.

 and the other thing is that it’s obviously just good because it doesn’t waste a lot of electricity.

So let me show you all right so you guys saw the washer-dryer,

we’re going to install some shelves right up here.

 so we can store all the type odds everything over here,

this is all the laundry from the past month and a half.

 I know it’s a lot also I didn’t realize but I moved with some laundry because I’m so dumb.

When I moved I had two full hampers of dirty clothes and

I was like oh it’s fine I’ll just wash them as soon as we get there.

 and then obviously how to wait even longer so we got whites we got colors we got towels.

Why I have quit the consulting: New goods stuff

I hold my yoga pants are in here I miss you guys that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

also this right here is the product that I use for my hair when

you already know what’s going down we got our matcha latte gonna pour some oat milk in looks good.

 which is some exciting stuff is happening did some cleaning ,

now I’m making some lunch that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

 I got chicken going in the air fryer over there got my latte and we’re gonna watch some YouTube.

 while we enjoy our lunch this is first time watching YouTube videos on the iPad this is so cool.

 I’m watching Sierra’s vlog I usually watch on my phone,

but at least she got me this case that I love so much.

It’s kind of hard because it like falls down a lot especially, if I go like this I’m trying to watch videos.

 I was watching Kristi’s vlog actually I’ll finish this and watch Sierra’s then Brooks oh shoot okay guys.

 I have to whisper because Cal is recording his podcast and his office I don’t want to disturb.

 I’m in the laundry room I’m watching Lauren’s new vlog check out how good it looks okay Cal hung.

Why I have quit the consulting: Multiple Activity

these little shelves up these are the same that I have in like so many different rooms from CP 2 .

 they match the washer/dryer I originally was gonna put them above the washer/dryer.

 but I found out they’re like way longer than I thought they were and I’m really short.

 and I wouldn’t be able to grab anything here so for now that’s gonna stay open and then.

 I think I’m gonna have like custom cabinets put in here eventually one day

because it’ll be nice to have a bunch more storage as you can see all the tools are here right.

 now we don’t really have a place for all the tools.,

so I feel like it’d be nice to have like a storage unit for that.

 so yes I’m on my like fourth load of laundry it’s looking good I want to decorate.

 my little shelves with you guys though I think I’ve showed,

Why I have quit the consulting: Other Target

you guys this already but these little containers are from Target.

 I’ve had them for a long time and I filled them up with,

all of my laundry needs so we’ve got like Tide Pods we have my dryer sheets.

 Oh first we need to start with this okay,

this is a little magic eraser these things are that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

 actually the coolest and especially these ones are little sheets they’re like nice little thin ones.

so they’re super thin the normal ones are a little thick,

then you can take it to the wall and it just scratches off.

 do you see that it over took off this like pen mark he’s literally screaming

oh my god it just takes off everything off the wall.

 everything that I want to do and kind of like a map out and I am so excited

l I’m scrubbing the wall you guys aren’t seriously so excited I haven’t felt this passionate about anything since

Actually, I originally started my activewear company,

I think it was this time last year actually I have the worst memory

Moreover, I started an activewear company I was so far along worked for months on it.

However,  I would go take meetings all the time we had designed,

so now I literally was working with a designer like one on one

 I had color palettes I had literally everything and then the day that,

I was supposed to show up for like my final design meeting

 and basically like the next meeting after that I would have gotten like the actual physical designs in my hand,

 that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

 this was like the last meeting to like sign off on everything something kind of happened.

but basically just like it wasn’t a good fit anymore and I felt really uncomfortable moving forward.

Why I have quit the consulting: Emotions

so I really had to trust my gut I was so so sad because I worked so hard

I felt so passionately about it and I think that’s why it was so hard for me was because

I felt like it was my baby and I also felt such an emotional tie.

Because obviously Fitness it just changed my life so much

So basically while I was just working on the initial designs right now for merch .

I want to do I felt that like fire in me again and I was really excited and this time

I’m obviously working with a merch company to make everything but I feel like I have even more saying that

this time we rather than working with a company like I did before so I’m really really excited

 I know that the company I’m working with is amazing too because I’ve had friends work with them and

they love them so much so I just I’m so excited you guys,

sorry for the long spiel I didn’t even have time to wipe the wall

 while I was talking but I’m just really grateful that I waite,

d because I’ll never forget leaving that initial meeting or

 I had just felt so disrespected when I decided to pull out,

I was so so sad and it was really hard that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

but I’m glad that I listening to my gut she’s clean I love,.

if it doesn’t leave any marks or take the paint off the walls either

 and that was just like one little string okay let me decorate them and I’ll show you guys

what it looks like after okay guys I filled it it looks so cute okay,

So we have my Tide Pods

 I have my little beads that I put in with my clothes actuall,

I haven’t run the washer yet or the dryer they’re about to go because it’s kind of loud

so how these work cuz you take a couple Tide Pods throw them in,

I think I put them in there already yeah all right

Why I have quit the consulting: Some Specific things

there or laundry detergent whatever you use and then you take like a small little cap.

r and it makes your clothes smell so good it’s insane I learned about these from Mia Mia literally smells

the best she’s like the nicest smelling person that I’ve ever met and,

I know she uses these in her laundry that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

I think she’s a different color but she smells so good all the time it’s insane then

we have dryer sheets here and then up here at the top,

I just put a bunch of like little spray bottles of stuff that

 I have these are specifically for Daisy if she ever has an accident this is like a pretreat and then

 this is like a stain remover so these actually should probably go somewhere,

else but I’ll leave them here for now because it looks nice and

I need to organize all my cleaning stuff

stuff and then this right here is just like a spray gel bleach thing,

which I always have to use my white clothes

because I am super messy but yes that looks so good now

I am done talking that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

We can start this machine all right there’s a laundry room updates,

Also, I’m gonna go downstairs and I’ll talk to you soon

Why I have quit the consulting: Something New

We went to go try to find a tape measure to measure a wall for something

Moreover i sweating and I’m turning red because in some bears and then,

Also I realized the tape measure was in Cal’s office

which is where he is recording his podcast with his ghost right now

obviously he can’t see the co-host so their face timing but I didn’t know they were facetiming

so I was a couple of just sneak in like quietly grab the tape measure,

I like 9 trucked at all, so I open the door and he looks at me knows

I don’t like me and he was like okay I’m limiting this motion

 it’s like in the extra quiet going like heel-toe in my first and,

then Cal looks mean goes MJ says hi who’s his co-host

 and I was so embarrassed I looked so stupid it’s like anyways,

oh I just realized that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

I need to transfer some clips to Eli so I’m gonna get some more work stuff done.

 I’ve listened to everything on audible I’ve watched like every interview I’ve pretty much watched every show.

 you can totally tell that it’s her writing like the jokes are all the same yes I’ve been really into

Why I have quit the consulting: Personal Touch

 I are having a fun little date night tonight obviously every night it’s kind of like date night because

 it’s just us two but tonight because it’s our nine-month anniversary even though it’s a random anniversary

 why not celebrate the little thing and we’re gonna get all dressed up for dinner

 I haven’t like done my hair and makeup in a while and like put on real clothes

 so it’s gonna be cute and fun and I will obviously take you with us throughout the night all right

 first up in the getting ready process we’re gonna do our hair and last time in curly.

I ever curls the shorter hair I used my t3 little iron here and

I used this tapered one I liked it but I think the curls were a little too small,

so I’m gonna try this little barrel today which i think is a 1 and 1/4 inch

 or one of the half inch either way it’s pretty big in diameter.

So I’m going to CRO my head up and

I’ll show you guys after all right guys hair is done,

I love it this curling iron is so good that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

We did like a textured wavy moment with these products here to prime

 Moreover, I use the link sold-out curl primer base coats then to add texture to my hair

Why I have quit the consulting: Obvious Watching Activity

I use the orb a dry texturizing spray which is so good the one from idk is also really good

 it’s not like an ocean on it I think it might be in my other bathroom

but that one’s really good and then for my flyaways

I use the dry bar share up hairspray so watching the show those lips make bond change you look cute outfit

I’ll see you guys very soon, I did my makeup as we all know I have very short eyelashes

but I do really like Jace mascara right here I’ve been using this for years now and

I feel like it does give a nice little little volume a little lift you see them

this is the that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

l’oreal voluminous last paradise so for makeup i kept it super simple

i just did a little primer concealer powder brows a little bit of eye shadow mascara and then contour highlight and lip balm

alright time to get changed and then head downstairs alright here is the final look i’m wearing this dress that

I got from whitefox boutique a couple years ago I’ve had it for a while and I loved it mostly right now

 because I don’t have to wear a bra just the best part it’s super cute super comfortable

 let’s go downstairs and get Cal’s reaction because I bet it’ that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

so cute I wasn’t recording when I got his reaction sorry alright cows hungry so we started with an appetizer

 we’re doing a little lucky board on the board that K got me for my housewarming gift

 so cute K we use it all the time so we got some prosciutto we’ve got some raspberry jelly

 it’s why night baby this bottles in there forever so hopefully it’s still good

Why I have quit the consulting: Unexpected things

 I feel like we should pop a bottle of champagne probably the one year not the 9-month alright

we got wine we got cheese this is the Trader Joe’s unexpected cheddar

which is look so good brie also don’t hit all that’s from hitter dope that’s that boar skin one

so we got prosciutto we got salami we got all the Trader Joe’s crackersthat’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting

and then this is raspberry this is pepper jelly looking good Cheers it’s not much more than yours

okay guys for dinner we are doing steak and lobster a little pasta and with some vegetables

 I am in charge of the lobsters and I’ve seen Lauren do this once

Also I watched but I don’t quite remember

how she did it so we’re going to try and do this together

we’re also watching Cody go back there all right let’s pray here

Whatever Tom funny you like pull this out maybe I’m supposed to break it I mean it seems to be working okay

I’m gonna break it out a bit we’re gonna kind of killed it okay then you like pull it out close it

oh my god busy what who binging with him dude I killed that look at that Wow should

I like clean them up and make them cuter no wasting lobster meat moving on with the lobster tutorial.

if I’ve never done it before or more of like a test Merman smile ooh

a little R&D we got a bowl we got butter we’re gonna melt the butter

now I’m just copying Food Network this is what they said to do okay

a couple tablespoons of butter in this is my butter from making banana bread

that was left over as a side I’m just gonna make pasta this is bucatini I’m gonna be fully honest

I got this shape I’ve been watching this adorable kid on tick-tock making pasta.

when he loves bucatini and he said that it was good.

so I got some I’m gonna make it very plain that’s just olive oil salt pepper and some parmigiano Reggiano

did I say I said that’s so wrong I dunno parmigiano-reggiano it’ll be good

I promise hopefully I’ll be good I promise trust me okay

No I’m gonna take my little brush and baste these bad boys with the butter

 we’re gonna keep them simple I’m just gonna do a little cracked black pepper

because it’s me it didn’t say to do this but I’m gonna do it

garlic powder okay these only take like five minutes to cook apparently in the broiler so here is this

It is when they’re done and orange all right guys we got the pasta boiling in the water

Of course we got my broccolini just kind of in like a shallow pot of water boiling

 lobsters are gonna go on the broiler and then we’ll be good to go.

Oh she was model B she’s bouncing okay guys that’s the reason Why I Quit Consulting.

it’s been four minutes I think oh my god they’re done that was

so bad all right lobsters are done they look great

 I’m gonna let that sit for a minute no I got the broccoli all set up

I’m going to also just saute up some of this minced garlic

 just throw on top of the broccolini we got a little pot in the back go on or

a pan got the pasta going looking good all right I made the pasta I kind of made it like a slight

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