7 things and features that nobody will enlighten about flutter app development

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What do You need to learn as a Flutter App Development?

Flutter App Development: Hey guys as we know that flutter is open-source SDK in which we can create Native mobile applications.

Nowadays a lot of developers choose Flutter app development because you can create 2 mobile applications from single code.

I was a little bit flashed back to the days of me being a software developer working in a flutter project.

So it is about five things that I’ve learned as a software developer working on the flutter project.

number one clean code have you seen a foul there is more than a thousand lines of code.

when you look at the code you get slightly angry and then you get angrier and angrier and angrier.

That’s why clean code is very important and that’s when I learn how to write clean code.

I can go on and on about clean code but basically you have to not compromise.

The readability of your code to the speed or laziness that you want.

So this is basic things of Flutter App Development

if you see something that you can you know refactor then refactor it does this like Boy Scout rule.

this is because when you want to debug your app then it will bite you in the ass.

because you have no idea what the freak in person or the code means if you don’t know where to start.

For Eg. You can create Android and IOS app in single code).

It is completely based on the object-oriented programming language in which you can use the features of OOP.

So now instead of going deep in introductions and basic things.
let’s discuss powerful 7 features of Flutter App Development that nobody will tell you.

so the second thing is don’t reinvent the wheel unless that’s the last resort flutter back in the days.

oh my god the amount of libraries articles and videos on how to do stuff was very small dismal.

I literally can calculate but what I mean by that it’s there wasn’t a lot of help except for.

maybe GitHub issues where the developers will reply and I know Stack Overflow it might be outdated.

Because flutter beta was just moving very fast now.

There are tons of libraries videos and articles to explain how to do different stuff.

the common use cases and such so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

because most of the time you’re trying to create an and app as fast as possible.

So you don’t need to spend the time creating a library unless you really need it.

Flutter App Development that’s why going to be easy.

you can just focal IB and manipulate the different functions that you require.

I think that’s the most that you can do.

Unless there’s a specific use case that no one has ever done.

then yeah create a package and then release it to the world.

So developers like us can also contribute, for example, you want to create a flutter SDK or firestore.

if you want to create from scratch good luck if you can get hired from Google but other than that.

there are developers who maintain some of the official packages but not everything.

unless there’s a service there has a dot as the key and that is when it is not updated.

that’s you have to you know what Quran by the end.(Flutter App Development)

I think there is a lot of resources for you to use packages articles and videos.

So don’t reinvent the wheel number tree automate your boring stuff .

If you are a software developer you know that by coding our script.

So I have experience as a developer where I have to do internalization.

Basically I have to translate the different text inside the app.

I tell you it is bor-ring and the process and doing the internalization of the text in the app goes something like this.

Flutter App Development is now internationalized.

you have a text and you have to put into like the internalization folder or file.

the same time here to create a variable name and then after that you put the text into a translator.

that gives out a certain file formatted text and then you have to insert it into the file.

Then you have to create another variable name in another file so that these two can link up.

so if the user wants to have the text in Mandarin then all Chinese then it’s easier
because you have the different translations basically so I saw that opportunity to create a script.

I did semi-automated because I did not work out on the translator API but that’s okay.

I then was able to focus on the problems that require solving not boring stuff.

as software developers, you have the tools to know how to create a script we can google it and whatnot.

so all of these things actually really helps you to get a good Flutter App Development

you are supposed to focus on the important problems to be solved.

Not the boring stuff so automate other than automating like internalization.

you can also automate the deployment of your app.

So you have like CI and CD or continuous integration and continuous development that helps you automate your testing

also your deployment for your app in iOS and Android and whatsoever.

So yeah make use of these tools to just help you do the things that bore you.

Another things is always extract your UI widget into smaller widgets have you seen our file that has a thousand line of code.

well I did and it’s horrendous because there is no reason where you need to have a thousand lines of code.

I think you don’t need that much depression inside your life so what you need to do is to refactor it into smaller smaller widgets.

with the smaller widgets you can put inside another foul so that you’re able to you know refer back and forth on the different.

we just make up for example the whole view of a page so an example is that imagine your dictionary squeezed into one page.

you know how freakin big the dictionary page will be it’s horrendous and and if you want to look up on a word you probably need a lot of space in order for do that.

so try to structure or architect your UI widgets like a page you know so you are able to reference.

when you need to or when you want to reuse it this is a long line of clean code but cleaning code is really really very fundamental extracting your widget into smaller UI widgets.

it’s something above that so yeah that’s all I’m stressing and lastly document is why flutter is awesome new developers who tries to learn.

flutter says that the flutter documentation is great because it helps the new people understand how to implement certain stuff.

why is implement a certain stuff and such if you have a widget that’s very clean very very clean but nobody understands why you do it.

how you do it is that a good widget not really because sometimes people want to change which they have created or whatsoever.

This is basic thing of Widget in Flutter App Development

that’s why I feel documentation is very very good on how to use your projet you know flutter makes it really easy for you to document stuff.

other than that also give examples on how to use your widget.

Because if you implement it people don’t know there’s a parameter that really really helps in how to get your widget up and running.

you know so all of this documentation really helps and if someone new came in on born into the tech team they see the documentation.

they understand they love it great but most of the time they will ask you questions why is this like these houses like this.

if you don’t document what happened during that process of questioning and answer right.

then the same questions are going to be asked.

so document every time you see something that doesn’t make sense is this part of clean code.

no clinical is basically if someone understands the code or line of code right you don’t have to document.

document is basically just explaining how to use a widget why you have to do this and what is the different flow of.

maybe your business logic or the flow of an app that kind of thing.

So document really helps if you were to look at flutters documentation.

you could see I could say that it is maybe 40 to 30 percent of documentation and the rest are just the code itself.

so documentation is a big fundamental part of having a good developer experience all right .

Features of Flutter App Development

You don’t require any tools to developer the flutter app.

Yes, You can create your flutter app via Notepad even.

they don’t require any exceptional apparatuses or structure to build up the application.

However, Google is prescribing to utilize VSCode and Android Studio to effortlessly build up the application.

Dart has own features and easy.

As flutter using dart language to avoid separate XML and JS files.

Dart have exceptional highlights which are compacting the work of developers like Stability, Support, and Upgradation.

It uses Ahead of time compilations mode to code directly converted to native mobile applications.

Hot reloading

Another unique thing of Flutter is HOT Reloading, which means you don’t need to wait for compilations like Android and java.

So while development if you are tweaking the UI, it automatically injects a new version of files at run time.

Future of Fuchsia Os

In the future flutter app development may be completely transferred to Fuchsia OS.

Introduces by Google in 2016, and it is the open-source operating system.

Fuchsia operating system has a standard reverberation framework that gives stage similarity straightforward routes and synchronizations also.

Small Community & High Demand

The flutter has not a big community like Android, Java, and other programming languages.

In which we can get easy solutions to our programming problems, but the language is very demanding and powerful.

So later on, the flutter market will truly go inside the appeal because of different dependability and open-source highlights.

Own rendering engine

As the flutter having SKIA for rendering the code.

So UI can run in any virtual platform and you don’t need to change UI when transferring to other platforms.

Only 3 Libraries to work

Flutter having Core, Html, and IO library to work towards the applications.

You don’t need to require any separate files to create the applications other than some special features.

Conclusion of Flutter App Development

So in the summary don’t have to reinvent the wheel unless unless that’s the last resort or necessary.

you can always compromise because I feel that if you want to reinvent the wheel.

Then there’s something that you can compromise in Flutter App Development.

have a better developer experience learn clean code in refactoring.

The guru refactor your big huge widgets into smaller smaller widgets of flutter app development.

Also, refactor your smaller widgets with documentation along with your flutter app development.

so that people understand and lastly if you don’t like the boring stuff please automated

As a conclusion in one word flutter is the most lovable programming language nowadays for a lot of developers.

In which you can simply use the whole bunch of pre-built functionality in the applications.

Besides, various kinds of screens and this is actually what Flutter is.

Moreover, toolbox makes it simple for engineers to plan lovely interfaces for a wide range of screen sizes and gadgets.

So above all is the things of flutter app development.

We know this flutter app development you haven’t known till the date and hope you like this.

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