Krishna Birth & Lord Krishna Birth Story

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Krishna Birth : The Lord Krishna Birth Story

Everyone knows Lord Krishna, and His grace is always overall, yet everyone has only one question in his mind.

Everyone has only one question in their mind and everyone needs an answer to that question about where Lord Krishna was born and how it happened.

It is said that Lord Krishna was born and how it happened

So in friends, I tell you everything from Lord Krishna’s birth to death, If you still have not subscribed to our blog, please do so.

So let’s start friends, God said Krishna’s birthday and Krishna is said to be birthday.

Friends, Lord Krishna Birath took place in Mathura, yes, somewhere you will be in your mind that Lord Krishna’s birth took place in Gokul.

but it is not true about krishna birth.

Krishna Kanhaiya was born in jail when Mama Kansa held Vasudevji and his wife captive in Mathura.

That is why some songs have also come, like Kanha Janmiah wrote this in Mathura jail.

If it is a Gujarati song, then all of you can listen to it if you want to hear it.

By the way, friends i should tell you that after Krishna’s birth, Krishna was very dramebaz and many of his stories have come.

So friends come to the story again, when Krishna was in jail, then Vasudevji earlier that he was in jail.

Later, on the night of Krishna-born, Vasudev took him to Gokul.
There, he had given Krishna a large tax to raise and raise for Yashoda Mata.

All the obstacles also came when Vasudevji with Krishna was going to Gokul in the dark night.

but all obstacles were averted with Krishna’s Leela.

Then friends mother Yashoda raised Krishna in Gokul and we all know how Krishna was naughty after Krishna’s birthday.

From the youngest age till he grew up, he showed so many leelas after krishna birth.

Leela of after Krishna Birth

Universe in Mouth After Krishna Birth

So when he was secretly eating Makhan, Mother Yashoda ji grabs him and tells him to open his mouth.
To see what Krishna has eaten, then the mother Yashoda sees the whole universe in the mouth of Krishna.

Finally, he got that Krishna is not ordinary.

Mountain raised on the last finger after Krishna Birth

When suddenly Gokul was overflowing and it started raining and everything of the Gokul residents got there

Then there was no place that people of Gokul could live, At that time,

Krishna had kept the mountain for seven days at a finger for everyone.

Moreover, gave support to the residents of Gokul below it.

Kill mama Kansa after Krishna Birth

As you know, how many times Mama Kansa used to send different demons to kill Krishna.
But all his experiments were fruitless, when the last time came, mother Kansa himself goes to kill Krishna and slay him.

Kill maternal aunt After Krishna Birth

From Krishna Birth to the last moment, mother and mother kept plotting to kill him.
But in the last, just like Mama killed Kansa, so did Mausi to kill him with the hands of Krishna.

Punish kalia Nag After Krishna Birth

Kaliya Nag was cursed by some sage Muni and was told to live in Yamuna river.

Although he stopped all people, but when Krishna was playing that leg with his friends.

Then his ball goes into the water and Krisha goes into the water to take him.

Then that leg of the serpent is pierced by the serpent and allows him to be punished well and left.

Although Krishna was the owner of the All Bramhand only after Biratha, but his Leela was also no less.

By the way, if you do not know, then let me answer your question.

Why is celebrated Krishna BIRTH?

Just as Krishna’s birth is celebrated in the same way, Krishna was born only when he was a god.

Then in Hindu religion, everyone is known to him.

all people worship him and serve him, so Krishna’s birthday is celebrated, which has been going on for centuries.

By the way, all of you know that Krishna had 1600 wife.

Meera was not her family but she was the one to serve her most dear.

Krishna’s belief was settled in Radhe itself.

Some movies have also come to Krishna Birath and some TV series have also been played.

we cannot give all the information here because Krishna is a very big story from birth to death.

If all the things of Krishna’s birth are written here, it is less.

So it is better that if you all watch his movies and serials, then you will get great pleasure.

So friends, all of you would have liked this story of Krishna’s birth.

Yet if you face any other story then you can tell in the comment.

Till then Jai Shri Krishna to all

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