Mosmi Shah – The Struggle From Village To Youtube Star.

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There are various Music and Videos are published nowadays, in which few of them are popular, you know TikTok is recently banned in India and various singers, directors, musicians, and stars are going with Youtube and other social media.

So guys, let’s discuss one personality known as Mosmi Shah, who is doing acting, modeling, and specially Youtuber.

Mosmi Shah

Mosmi born in Anand, Petlad, her father is doing work of Factoring, when the mosmi is born unfortunately her father is passed away.

This is the worst time for everyone you know, and it is really difficult to manage every thing without person called as father.

Actor Mosmi Shah

Mosmi’s Nana and Nani Living in Dhoraji Near Rajkot District & After the death of her father she is leaving with her mother and nana, nani.

His mother is Teacher and Housewife, along with this she’s mother have done a lot of struggle for mosmi and her son.

Basically, Mosmi has started her journey with app which is known as TikTok, by making a few videos in it, she becomes very famous and she got various chances in acting as well.

Mosmi Shah Photo

She is loving Dancing & Acting a lot, apart from them she is working with various youtube channel and star actor too.

Right now Mosmi is doing Documentary Shoot & Planning to create her own youtube channel.

She had worked in various Youtube channel and videos which is below to the article.

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