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Hey Guys, You reached the destinations for Tamilmv known as TamilBlasters and 1TamilMv.com, and finally, we will give you all the details of this piracy website over here.

Actually, the website is providing free movies, for entertainment, but according to rules and regulations piracy is a crime, however still, these types of websites are running and get banned, again came up with new domain and get banned, so the cycle of these type website is still going on and people are still searching, surfing and downloading movies free.

As the time is been changes, now people stay indoor in the holidays or week off, due to pandemic, and entertaining their self and family with the movies and series, however, they don’t want to pay and enjoying free movies from the tamilmv like platform.

What is Tamilblasters: Tamilmv and 1tamilmv.com

In the simple term, Tamil blasters and tamilmv along with 1tamilmv.com are the previous domain of tamilmv which people are searching for downloading movies and series.

These are the domain names and due to trending names by the previous years, the people are searching Tamilmv with these keywords, The big surprise is that the new website of tamilmv are also coming in the SERP known as in search results when someone is searching this previous domain.

Basically, these are the piracy and outdated version of websites, which people are still surfing to visit the main website for Tamil movie download.

Why tamilmv proxy and tamilmv unblock popular in google.

As we know that this website is sharing piracy content which is illegal in India, hence some platforms along with the era are also get banned to visit this type of website.

However, still, people don’t want to go with professional platforms like Netflix and amazon prime due to premium payment and all, so they are surfing alternative ways to access this website.

Meanwhile, the people use tamilmv proxy and tamilmv unblock VPN to connect with this website and download free movies.


New Tamil Movies List in Unblock Tamilmv

DHOOM 2 (2006) (Blu-Ray + DD5.1 Original Audios) – [1080p & 720p – x264 – (DD+5.1 – 640Kbps) [Tamil + Telugu + Hindi (DTS)] – 9.3GB – 4GB & 1.4GB] – [x264 – (Tam + Tel) – 450MB] – [W]

SALT (2010) Director’s Cut (Blu-Ray + DD5.1 Original Audios) – [1080p & 720p – x264 – (DD5.1 – 448Kbps) [Tamil + Telugu + Hindi + Eng] – 3GB & 1.1GB] – [x264 – (Tam + Tel) – 450MB] – [W]

A Quiet Place Part II (2021) English Proper HD + ESub – [1080p & 720p – x264 – (DD+5.1 ATMOS – 768Kbps & AAC) – 2GB & 900MB] – [HDRip – x264 – AAC – 400MB] – [WATCH]

Tik Tok Tripura Sundari (2021) Telugu HD + ESub – [1080p & 720p – HD AVC – 1.3GB & 700MB] – [HDRip – x264 – 400MB & 200MB] – [WATCH]

The Hitmans Wifes Bodyguard (2021) Tamil HDCAM – [720p – x264 – [Tamil (Fan Dub) + Eng] – 850MB] – [HDRip – x264 – MP3 – 400MB] – [WATCH]

Slum Anthem (From “Kodiyil Oruvan”) (2021) Tamil iTunes MP3 [320Kbps & 128Kbps + CD Quality 16Bit FLAC] – Nivas K. Prasanna Musical

Zooey (2020) Tamil HD – [720p – x264 – [Tamil (Fan Dub) + Eng] – 800MB] – [HDRip – x264 – MP3 – 400MB] – [WATCH]

The House Next Door Meet the Blacks 2 (2021) Tamil HDCAM – [720p – x264 – [Tamil (Fan Dub) + Eng] – 900MB] – [HDRip – x264 – MP3 – 400MB] – [WATCH]

METHAGU (2021) Tamil HD – [1080p & 720p – HD AVC / HEVC – 2.8GB – 2GB – 1.2GB & 700MB] – [x264 / XviD – 700MB – 400MB & 250MB] – [WATCH]

AANUM PENNUM (2021) Malayalam TRUE HQ HDTV – [1080p & 720p – HDTV AVC / HEVC – 977MB – 700MB & 400MB] – [HDTV-RIp – x264 / XviD – 400MB & 200MB] – [WATCH]

Fast & Furious 9 (2021) – [Tamil + Telugu + English] | You Know It’s Fast When | Universal Pictures | New Promo

Bumblebee (2018) (Blu-Ray + DD5.1 Original Audios) – [1080p & 720p – x264 – (DD+5.1 – 640Kbps) – (Tamil + Telugu + Hindi + Eng) – 3.7GB & 1.4GB] – [x264 – (Tam + Tel) – 450MB]

Anu and Arjun (2021) Tamil Version HD + ESub – [1080p & 720p – HD AVC / HEVC – 8.5GB – 4GB – 2.6GB – 1.3GB & 800MB] – [x264 / XviD – 700MB – 400MB & 200MB] – [WATCH]

Tamilmv New Link -Tamilmv New Domain

As we know that tamilmv new link is coming within few days due to the domain are getting banned from the government, as tamilmv new domain takes time for the host, because there were several factors are there that the tamilmv people can launch their again when it’s get banned, however, here is the list of new tamilmv domain which people search with tamilmv new link for watching or downloading Tamil movies.

tamilmv. intamilmv fun
tamilmv orgtamilmv. cc
tamilmv. onetamilmv site
tamilmv wintamilmv. biz
tamilmv,cztamilmv biz
tamilmv. mxwww.dvdwap.fun
TamilMV New Domain

Alternative of TamilMv

Jio Rockers Tamil




6 Step to Download Movies From Tamilmv

  1. Just search out their website name in search engine.
  2. Go to their website and find out the menu.
  3. Select the menu as per the category and movies which you want.
  4. Click on a category and go with the movies for the next phase.
  5. Select the format of the movie to download and click on a download link.
  6. The download will start and you can see it in the local drive once the process is done.

Pros of 1 Tamilmv & Tamilmv Telugu Movies

  • Free website and all tamil movies to download
  • Alternative domains and series of movies
  • Best for those who are looking for free stuff

Cons of 1 Tamilmv & Tamilmv Telugu Movies

  • You may lose your data and private information
  • They can easily access your information
  • You need to face a lot of advertisement

Supported format in TamilMV known as Tamil MV Telugu movie download

Flash File

3GP Video

720P Video

1080P Movie



MP4 and more.

Is tamilmv twitter and tamilmv telugu is ligal?

As these platforms are piracy websites, and there are no rights to them for sharing movies and stuff like this, meanwhile the tamilmv twwiter and tamilmv Telugu is piracy website and it is not legal website, hence keep stay away.

FAQ of Jio Rockers Tamil

Tamilmv proxy unblock are there?

Yes, a lot of proxy VPN are there which people are using to unblock tamilmv.

What are the url of tamilmv 2021 website?

We can’t give due to piracy website.

Is tamilmv telegram supported?

Yes, A lot of movies are been shared in the various telegram channel.

Disclaimers: As you know that sharing piracy-related content or guiding anyone for a piracy website is a crime and we are not supporting this to all, we are just sharing the details for information purposes only, here we are not giving you any advice to go with this type of piracy website.

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