The Untold Story of Priyanka Chudasama from Village Girl to Great Comedian

Biography Priyanka Chudasama
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Priyanka Chudasama’s Story: A decade ago there are no ladies or girls who have done some entertainment and similar activities to entertain people with their passion.

Some girls really want to do something for them as well proud things for their parents as well, a years ago girls and ladies didn’t go with their passion and hobby due to some family issue and shame, but nowadays with parents support and self motivations they are really performing well in every sector, especially on Social Media & Youtube.

Priyanka Chudasama
Priyanka Chudasama

So guys, today we are going to discuss one personality known as Priyanka Chudasama self-motivated and always a happy person, who is a great comedian in india., especially in Gujarat, her father is Army Man and Mother is Housewife.

Priyanka Chudsama

Basically, Priyanka Chudasama is from Junagadh & she has completed his 12th std from Junagadh itself, after that with the team and parents support she is going with her hobby and her passion, in which she is making some small Motivational Video along with Girls Self Power Videos, a few months later people are really going to love her video with other’s comedy videos as well, and then she decided to create a youtube channel.

Ankit Kansagara & Priyanka Chudasama

Priyanka Chudasama’s Biopic (BioGraphy)

Name: Priyanka chudasama

City: Junagadh

State: Gujarat

Nationality: Indian


Weight: 52

Languages Known: Gujarati Hindi English

Interest & Activity : Acting ,Singing

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Fair

Education Qualification: BCA

Priyanka Chudasama

After creating a youtube channel in a month she got more than 1+lakh subscriber in it, and decided to collaborate with Ankit Kansagara known as another Comedian & Youtube Star, for them we have already published an article, you can check it out here as well.

Priyanka Chudasama is a pretty, simple, and open-minded girl who loves every people along with help each and every needy people in terms of financially and career-making when it requires.

Nowadays Priyanka and Ankit both are doing short films apart from the comedy and recently they have published some short movies on his channel as well.

Comedian Priyanka Chudasama

Right now Priyanka Chudasama & Ankit Kansagara are promoting different brands such as blue heaven, manaaayurvedam , bare body, pabi ben, body code, my fitness, max protein, 24 care, Cambridge tea party, Neutra next, earth therapy, and more.

Ankit & Priyanka

Moreover, with the comedy, Priyanka Chudasama is also a great singer as well, and now she is planned to making the cover song too, so guys stay tuned with her channel along with our website for more interesting stories and articles.

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