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zara zara lyrics
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Zara Zara Lyrics– Female – Male – English – Hindi

A lot of people are looking for a lyrics website and especially like Zara Zara lyrics, Zara Zara lyrics female and male from Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, so here it is.

From 2010 to 2015, people are really enjoying new movies and songs along with new styles and premium things, nowadays in 2021 people don’t want to be stylish more and they follow classic activities in terms of music, videos, movies, and style.

A lot of our readers even looking for Zara Zara lyrics from the movie rehna hai tere dil me and it is too popular, some music artist also wants to sing this song, however for that they want lyrics for the same, and without lyrics, they are not able to sing, so for the all people we are going to share Zara Zara lyrics in female version as well as in Hindi and English which will really helpful to you while singing.

Bombay Jayashree – Zara Zara Lyrics With Video, Audio.

People are going with Bombay Jayashree Lyrics because when the song is released people really enjoy to voice and brand name of Bombay Jayshree and people who’s age having like our father are really enjoying this movie and song.

So finally, we don’t want to worst your time and without that here we are sharing English Zara Zara lyrics which will surely help you to stand out with the audience.

Zara Zara Lyrics

Zara Zara Behekta Hai Song Lyrics Hindi– Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein

Rahnaa hai Tere dil mein is the most popular movie in 2000 when it was released and a lot of people including, students, teenage, boys, girls and parents are like this movie.

However, the trends are going less after a few years and nowadays the trends come back and people are looking for Zara Zara Lyrics Hindi.

As the English language is sometimes difficult for many people who want to sing a song but they can’t due to language barriers. So for them here we have given the option to sing in your language such as with Hindi and here are the Zara Zara lyrics in hindi.

Zara Zara Lyrics Hindi

Zara Zara Lyrics Female

As we know that after 2000 and especially after 2015, reprise version of songs is really matters for people with some cool effects and music, a people are going with a reprise version of the same song and music with some effect, in which female voice is best because a lot of music in the past has done with a male voice and currently people are liking female voice for new songs reprise of songs.

We found that everyone is looking for Zara Zara lyrics female and for that here we are going to share this for you.

Zara Zara Behekta Hai Song Lyrics from the movie RHTDM especially in the female version are most popular in the industries. So please go ahead with this and enjoy the day and share with your friends and family.

Zara Zara Lyrics Female

Star Cast of Movie Rehna Hai Tere Dil mein With Song Zara Zara

As we have seen there were a lot of websites that have songs, videos, and lyrics of different movies however they are not going to share complete and true details of movies and music, so here we thought that this informations of Zara Zara lyrics song and movies will help to your for your information and knowledge purpose.

  • Song: Zara Zara Behekta Hai
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Singer: Bombay Jayashri
  • Lyrics: Sameer Bhai
  • Movie Name : Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein
  • Music By: Harris
  • Casting: Diya Mirza, Madhavan, Saif Ali Khan

Video with Audio of Zara Zara Lyrics – Female

We don’t want to lose our readers and un-satisfy them for a few percent if you are visiting our platform that we always thought that you will get all the benefits without losing anything and we don’t want to bounce you back for half or wrong information.

Moreover, that’s why here we have shared a video of youtube, from which you can do sing your favorite song Zara Zara behkna hai online with lyrics and music without any hesitation to find a song, lyrics, and audio on different platforms.

You will get everything in one video along with music which will help you to sing a song easily without any problem.

FAQ of Zara Zara Lyrics

How to download Zara Zara lyrics in English?

We already provide zara zara lyrics in English with subtitle in above video and image as well.

Zara Zara lyrics English lyrics are downloadable?

You can’t download but you can sing from official platform, so please don’t do piracy sharing activity.

Is Zara Zara lyrics download good while singing?

Yes, it is good if you are going with everything along with music so that you can get a nice voice and output yours.

Zara Zara lyrics Rahul Jain is there on the internet?

You can find Rahul Jain video on their youtube channel for the same, or you can surf the internet but I think you don’t need to go anywhere for lyrics as we have already provided here.

Zara Zara bahekta hai new version of song avalaible?

Yes, the new song available in various YouTube channel.

How to go with Zara Zara lyrics in Tamil?

As you need to translate or need to find the Tamil website where they have shared the Zara Zara lyrics in Tamil for singing.

Where to find zara Zara lyrics jalraj?

As you need to go with their official website or YouTube to download or watch jalraj lyrics along with the music.

Is Zara Zara behekta hai lyrics karaoke available for singing?

Yes, the music and lyrics are available in karaoke and you can easily go with their app for singing and entertainment.

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