Shaktimaan and Shaktimaan Cast – Retelecast On Doordarshan

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Shaktimaan and Shaktimaan Cast – Retelecast On Doordarshan

Let’s discuss the all things of shaktimaan and shaktimaan serial cast with shaktimaan real name which you are looking for.

As the people are really asking us about shakti serial on doordarshan wiki, which is known as shaktimaan serial.

Doordarshan: After Ramayan and Mahabharat Now Shaktimaan Retelecast from 1st April – Shaktimaan and Shaktimaan Cast, We hope that you know the meaning retelecast meaning, the retelecast meaning is again come back.

In this lockdown period, National Tv Durdarshan has been starting the old shows of him.

like Ramayana, Mahabharat, Circular and Vyomesh Bakshi serials.

However, people are also want to watch Shakitmaan, and also they are requesting the same to National TV. Finally, the good news is that again Shakitmaan and Chanakya’s old serials will start from 1st April @1: PM daily.

In the Indian television history, the most favorite serial Shaktimaan is again back for the show.

Other then Shakitmaan Chanakya and Upanishad Ganga also will come back in Doordarshan. Due to the coronavirus and lockdown with the home quarantine period, this decision is taken. With public demand to start old shows again.

Moreover, Old serials Circus and Byomkesh Bakshi also will start on a similar channel. Mukesh Khanna is twitted on Sunday about the retelecast of Shakitmaan. The Shakitamman will start from 1st April 2020, Noon 1:PM daily on Doordarshan.

Retelecast of Shaktimaan: Tweet By Mukesh Khanna

There were several people are really existed to watch Shaktimaan and similar old serials.

So as per the user’s query here we will give you information about Shaktimaan and Shaktimaan cast along with shaktimaan real name.

Shaktimaan is an Indian television hero and the name identified by Mukesh Khana as a lead role and producer of Shaktimaan. The Shakitmaan Plays the role of Super Human Power in the serial.

He always helps people from the bad power of the monster and all. There was more then 25+ Shaktimaan cast is there. We will not discuss all here but in the serial mainly four to five cast are there in which whole serials are dependent. So let’s go with shaktimaan cast name which is known as shaktimaan star cast and shaktimaan serial cast.

Shaktimaan Cast

Mukesh Khanna:

The Main role of Shaktimaan and superpower performed by Mukesh Khanna which is identified by pandit Gangadhar Shastri.

Actually Shaktimaan has received a lot of shakti and power from his guru and save everyone’s life from the enemy.

He has several chakras in his body which are having the specific meaning of each.

You can refer Wikipedia for the same.

Kitu Gidwani:

Kitu Gidwani identified by Geeta Vishwas in the Shaktimaan.

She started his career with Shkatimaan itself who is a news reporter and always following good things and truth.

Vaishnavi Mahant:

A Vaishnavi Mahant identified by Geeta Vishwas in Shaktimaan who truly loves Shaktimaan and Shaktimaan always tell them Deviji.

Surendra Pal:

Surendra Pal a villain of Shkatiman serial known as Silvis character.

Moreover, he is speaking one most popular dialogue nowadays which is Andhera Kayam Rahega.

So above is the cast of Shaktimaan series, the first series of Shaktimaan is a complete 450+ episode from 1997 to 2005 on Girnar Channel .

latter released in Dangal TV and Star Utsav too.

The first series also premiered in Pogo which is reedited, Latter also dubbed in the English language for people demand.

Moreover, Shaktimaan shows really popular on day by day. The series is released in few other channels too, in different languages like Odia, Tarang, Tamil, etc… However, as per the news and Mukesh Khanna’s Tweet, they are also planning to make Shaktimaan Series 2. After the lockdown period is overdue to public demand.

The Seven Chakras which given below is gave power to the Shaktimaan.

We know that in our body there were several factors are working together to give immense power of body while talking, sleeping, walking, speaking and doing work.
As per the serials, Shaktimaan is doing a great thing with specific power with his Seven Chakras.

Energy Chakra:

We get energy from various sources and foods, Shaktimaan gets the same from the Energy Chakra.

In which they get superpower and strength with the fly, shoot, and freezing air.

Creative Chakra:

Every people having some creativity in it, Shaktimaan having advance creativity and get the power of thin air.

Astral Chakra:

From astral chakra, they get the power of walk through walls, flying and transparent bodies with a copy of the object and self too.

Heart Chakra:

this chakra power gives them the energy of control to other people for doing good things towards the community.

Moreover, Kilvi’s power can easily Shaktimaan remove from anyone.

Vibration Chakra:

This chakra gives the power of vibrations to control waves and warmth.

Which is used to get rid of the dangerous situations.

Psychic Chakra:

This power gives them the power to read the minds of someone and getting work from the distance.

Here is the list of 7 chakras which is the power of Shaktimaan along with shaktimaan cast.

Muladhara Chakra, Swadhishthan, Manipura Chakra, Anahata chakra, Vishuddh Chakra, Agya Chakra and shashrara Chakra.
Each of having specific power in it as above mentioned to help every people from disaster.

Follow our blog for every updated and honest information. We hope that you really enjoy and find out the answer of shaktimaan is back cast which people are asking us before 2 month ago.

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